OCTOBER 15, 2023 – FEBRUARY 26, 2024

World Water Day
Photo Contest 2024

Leveraging Water for Peace

HELPING HAND - Joydeep Mukherjee

World Water Day Photo Contest

World Water Day Photo Contest is an artistic event open to all the world’s photographers, amateurs or professionals, animated by the values of respect, tolerance and goodwill towards nature and humanity. It was born in 2017 as a cultural and solidarity project of the Seregno AID Lions Club.

In its albeit young history, the competition has seen the participation of photographs of sublime beauty and dramatic force, capable of denouncing the dangers that threaten water and the man who lives in symbiosis with it, but also exalting its purity and vital charge.

Partecipating nations



The competition boasts a richer and more diverse jury each year, consisting of leading names in the international photographic and artistic scene, and has gained accreditation with numerous Italian and international institutions.



The best photographs selected from year to year by the jury are displayed in annual and thematic exhibitions in Italy and Europe, promoting artistic culture and conveying the message about the value of water.


Charitable projects

Thanks to the generosity of participants and contributions from World Water Day Photo Contest sponsors, the Seregno AID Lions Club supports water access projects in resource-limited countries.


Access to safe and potable water is a universal and fundamental human right

World Water Day “World Water Day” is an anniversary established by the United Nations in 1992, provided for within the guidelines of Agenda 21, the result of the Rio Conference.

It recurs annually on March 22. “UN Water,” UN’s agency dedicated to water, invites UN member states and the world at large to dedicate this day to the recommendations suggested by the annual theme and to the promotion of concrete activities within their territories.

Organizations around the world have adopted World Water Day to bring public attention to the right to water, recognized in 2010 as a “universal and fundamental human right,” with a focus on access to fresh water and the sustainability of aquatic habitats.


Lions Club Seregno AID

Lions Club Seregno AID, which stands for Assistance to International Development, is based in Seregno, in the green and industrious Italian region of Brianza. It was founded in 2016, as an affiliate of Lions Club International, the world’s largest charitable organization, and is accredited with the Italian Single National Register of the Third Sector.

The Club carries out its philanthropic activities in the Italian territory, working in the cultural and social sphere, and in the world, supporting with its human and economic resources works for water access in countries with limited resources.

The World Water Day Photo Contest constitutes for the Seregno AID Lions Club a unique affirmation of its identity, mission and vision: to foster dialogue and concord among peoples through culture and development, in sharing the same values and fundamental human rights.


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