The mission of the World Water Day Photo Contest, when aimed at audiences in those countries fortunate enough to enjoy good and abundant water, aims to build a “water culture.” Through the powerful tool of photography, we appreciate its beauty and strength, understand its indispensability to humans and its fragility in the face of the harm we can do to it. We have a responsibility to preserve it pure, for ourselves, for the peoples of the world and for the future.


The World Water Day Photo Contest adopts each year the world study theme proposed by UN Water. The photographs selected by the jury constitute a traveling exhibition proposed by the Seregno AID Lions Club to Italian and international organizations and institutions that wish to combine artistic expression and social commitment brought by the photos.

At the Salone dell’Acqua, the Mantua headquarters of Lions Acqua per la Vita ETS, a selection of photographs collected over the years is on permanent display, which can be visited by individuals and schools at events and educational meetings.

Visitors to this exhibition have an artistic experience and are invited to reflect on their own role in respecting water as a basic human right.


Educating young people is key to creating new generations that are sensitive, respectful and committed to ensuring pure water for all. The Seregno AID Lions Club contributes to this work by lending its photographs and expertise at public events or events dedicated to schools. One of these is the “Water Festival” organized by the Africa Solidarity Group OdV in Seregno on World Water Day. Students from the city’s schools are invited to listen to seminars on climatology, photography and international cooperation, then share their artistic endeavors in music or theater.


The ceremony to announce the winners of the World Water Day Photo Contest, on March 22 each year, coinciding with World Water Day, aims to reach as many people as possible. That is why the ceremony takes place online, on this website and on the Contest’s social platforms. During this event, in addition to showcasing the best photographs and celebrating the winners of the various categories, the Seregno AID Lions Club offers the public a musical recital curated by the Artistic Director of the Contest, Andrea Scarduelli, and specific speeches by authoritative speakers on the theme of water and international cooperation. Once again, art and social commitment combine for good.