Paolo Troilo

Born in Taranto, Paolo now lives and works in Milan and Palermo. A self-taught artist, he first began drawing in pencil at the age of 4. Paolo studied Architecture and Modern Literature at the University of Florence, then in Rome at the European Institute of Design. He has worked as Creative Director for several prestigious international advertising agencies. In 2007 he was nominated best Italian creative by the Art Directors Club Italiano (ADCI). In April 2005, in parallel with his advertising activity, Paolo’s career as a professional artist began when he started painting with his fingers for fun (he had forgotten to buy the brushes). It is thanks to his technique of dipping the tip of his fingers directly into jars of black and ivory acrylic that he became one of a kind in the art world. Paolo’s works have been exhibited at the Venice Biennale, in Milan, Rome, Florence, Madrid, Paris, Singapore, San Francisco, Istanbul, Tel Aviv and Los Angeles.
“Be Water, my friend” said Bruce Lee in his famous interview on the Pierre Berton Show. Because water can understand and therefore take whatever form it encounters, adapting itself with the power to caress or destroy

Roberto Ridi

Born on the Island of Elba From an early age Roberto nurtured a love for professional photography. Moving from the magic of B/W to a passion for colour, he has lived through the transition of the curiosity of photographic film to the speed of digital photography, replacing the blackness of the dark room with a screen overflowing with creativity and colour. A professional photographer since 1980, Roberto is a visual storyteller specialising in naturalistic reportage, ranging from aerial photography to underwater, from portraiture to landscape, always keeping a close and careful focus on Man and Nature’s designs. Roberto is author of numerous international publications and responsible for setting up the Tuscan Archipelago National Park’s photographic archive The sea is what water means to me, a magnificent liquid, the sky's mirror. I live on an island, embraced by this immense element, changing, unstoppable, capable of instilling serenity but commanding respect, both gentle and mighty. From the transparency of the surface to its dark depths, it is like the human soul

Fausto Podavini

Born in Rome, where he lives and works. After graduating from the Technical Institute of Electronics, he received his Master’s degree in Reportage at the Photography Academy “Jonh Kaverdash” in Milan. He began his photographic journey first as an assistant and studio photographer, to approach gradually to photo-reportage. Podavini has also been part of MIFAV Tor Vergata University, where got to know and been in contact with many photographers. After abandoning studio photography to devote himself exclusively to reportage, he then embarked himself as a freelance, working with various non-profit organization for the realization of reports in Italy, Peru, Kenya and Ethiopia, where he currently is pursuing some personal photo projects. In 2009 he began a collaboration with the Collective WSP, joined permanently in 2010, where, in addition to work as a photographer in collective projects, he works as a professor of Photojournalism. In addition to his various reports in Africa, South America and India, Podavini has carried out important work on the Italian territory such as a report on sport for disabled, a report in a juvenile prison and a work on Alzheimer’s disease, with whom he won the Daily Life section of the World Press Photo 2013. His works have won international awards such as The World Press Photo in 2013 and 2018, Il Poy in 2016 and 2018, Sony, Yves Rocher Grant and have been published in the most important international magazines such as 6Mois, LeVie / LeMonde, GEO ES, Stern, Internzainale, Donna Moderna, Nathional Geographic, Days Japan and has exhibited in major cities such as New York, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Rome.
We will never under stand the importance of Water, until the soil will be completely arid

Giorgio Galimberti

Born in Como, where he lives and works Accomplice a family linked to art and his creativity, He approaches to instantaneous development photography at a young age, taking advantage of the possibilities that the film allows, experimenting manipulation techniques facing it as a game, but, with awareness and mastery of the instrument.His images are beyond the usual photographic canons, uniting different genres, starting from street photography, declined in a vision focused on contrasts and a use of modern and current light.His works have been exhibited at MIA Fair, Galleria Expowall, and DaDA Est in Milan, Leica Store and at the Gipsoteca of the Liceo Artististico of Porta Romana in Florence and published in numerous magazines.He is a member of the collective “Italian street photography” and has participated as an author in the main Italian and European street photography festivals.
I enjoy the weightlessness of water, the absence of structure but yet its strickness of being a perfect horizon

Eleonora Pecorella

Born in Rome where she lives and works. I’m a photographer and art historian born in Rome in 1973. I received BA and Master in Art History from Rome La Sapienza University, studying with Professor Enzo Bilardello. I worked many years in the contemporary art in Italy, before moving to London in 2008, where I exclusively focused on photography as my main interest and activity, studying photography at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. My first practice focused on macro photography to undertake a visual investigation of plants and flowers. I had my first solo exhibition Botanical Beauty at the Imperial College of London in 2010. I then opened to other subjects. I’m particularly interested to those moments of everyday life where you can intercept clues of an original melt between routine and the extraordinary. I exhibited my photos physically, online and on video projection, in Bangkok, Barcelona, Bologna, Dubai, London, Milan, Moscow, New York, Overpelt (Belgium), Rome. Since I started photographing I have being receiving a number of awards for my work.
Water is not only a human basic right, but also essential for our weelbeing and hightening senses -R. Robiolio


Born in Germany, She lives and works in London. In London she launched her photography career and developed her own style of urban and street photography, extracting the extraordinary from life around her. The common thread that runs through her images is that they are all dealing with human sentiments and ‘emotions fortes’ which make everyday life so magical: love, joy, sadness, friendship, solitude – feelings that we can all relate to.. Her intimate images of urban life frequently blend Fine Art with Documentary and are often intriguing, incorporating a degree of ambiguity triggering thoughts and emotions in the viewer. Her fine art photography has been exhibited at Liberty’s of London and the Pall Mall Gallery in London. It can be found in private collections around the world and has resulted in numerous publications and exhibitions over the past ten years. She was also a contributor to the book ‘The New Street Photographer’s Manifesto’ published by Illex Press. Ronya loves sharing her passion for street & urban photography through teaching workshops internationally and frequently speaking at public events – seizing every opportunity to help others find the beauty in the everyday.
Water, like the air that we breathe, is too often taken for granted by those that have access to this precious resource. Clean water should not be a privilege for a few but should be available to all. We all must play a part in this!


Eriko Kaniwa is an international award winning photographic fine artist based in Tokyo, and the creator of the Sensegraphia Fine Art Photography. Sensegraphia is a conceptual redefinition of photography, in which the visual aesthetics of the photograph are used to develop and express a sense of nature that enables us to recognize that humans are a part of nature and that we are centrally involved in nature’s dynamics. Kaniwa has spent some years, exploring the symbols of Japanese nature worship, which are exemplified in the “eight million gods” of Shinto, and reflecting on how ancient Japanese viewed natural scenery and symbolized it as an object of prayer. Traveling to over twenty locations throughout Japan, the images are collected, together with text, in her book JOKEI: Symbols of Nature Worship, Sacred Places in Japan. The book was multiple awarded internationally as the one of the best fine art photo books. Her photographic artwork can be found at some galleries, international art fairs such as Paris Photo, and also have been featured in some photographic art magazine such as Contemporary Art Curator magazine, NY ART News and others.
Water is the most critical resource issue of our lifetime and our children’s lifetime. The health of our waters is the principal measure of how we live on the planet earth


Born in Ravenna, he lives and works in New York I’m Italian by blood, Architect by training, and Photographer by heart. A visual storyteller, weaving narratives through people’s movements and emotions. I live and operate in New York City. My photographs of architecture and life in the city have gained great acclaim, especially a recent series taken in New York City during the Winter Storm Jonas in winter 2016. My photos are tied to the people and their environment, their movements and emotions, I’m interested in those little quirks that connect us as humans. It’s that sort of mundane daily things I want to document, and slowly it became a daily routine for me. It makes the world a little closer, especially in New York City.
With time, water pierces the rocks


Born in Fezzano, a small town on the Italian Riviera. Photography came into his life partly for fun and partly by chance and it was love from the very beginning. Davide’s images are a way of communicating to others the beauty of our seas, a medium which gives everyone the opportunity to see, through his own eyes, what lies beneath the surface Davide has collaborated with the most important international magazines in the diving industry, publishing travel articles and reviews on the latest equipment on the market In 2016 he won the prestigious international award “Underwater Photographer of the Year”
My relationship with the element of water has always been very intense and linked to a profound sense of respect for the sea. I was born into a family of fishermen, people who have experienced the sea and who experience it in earnest. It taught me how to understand and interpret it. This passion, which causes me to stick my head under water whenever the occasion arises, I owe to my family. Quoting the words of José Luis Sampedro - we spend millions and millions looking for water on Mars and we do nothing in order to preserve it here, and to look for more for those who are thirsty. - I only hope we do not realise the importance of water when it is already too late