The Lions Club of Seregno Aid 108 IB1 based in Seregno (MB) in collaboration with UN Water gency for the right to water, together with  Lions Acqua per la vita Onlus and Lions Club MD108 Italy, the patronage of European Comunity, the Italian Ministry of Culture, and the Municipalities of Seregno, Barlassina, Seveso, in the occasion of the 2019 World Water Day is organising the third edition of the “World Water Day 22 March 2019 Photo Contest” to draw public attention to the critical issue of water in our times, with special focus on access to good water.

The proceeds of the competition will be used to supply water purification systems to communities in need of “water for life“.



The competition is open to all lovers of photography and to all supporters of environmental issues and is based on the theme “Water for all | no exceptions”

Entrants may present all photographs representing water as protagonist and taken with any type of photographic device, camera, smartphone, tablet, drone etc.

There are two sections :

Themed Photos

Section for single themed photos. The theme is “Water for all | no exceptions”

Story Telling

A themed section “Water Stories” in which you can propose a set of photos, portfolios, photojournalism and storyboards (sequences of images that tell a storythat share a story related to water as a common element.

Along with the photos, will have to write a brief description of its project (in Italian or in English)
Portfolios must be made minimum of 5 and a maximum of 8 photos. (10 photos only for Early bird)

For alla sections , entries must not have won an award in any other photographic competition on pain of being disqualified. Both colour and black and white photos are permitted. Software corrections, post production, photo editing and photo manipulation are accepted

Photos with signatures, watermarks or visible marks on the image are not allowed. The jury and the organisers will, at their discretion, disqualify those photos or images deemed offensive.



The competition will begin  05/10/2018 and will end on 28/02/2019.

The website will supply all information relevant to the registration and participation, to the enrolment fee and the dissemination of the competition.

For the section “Themed Photos” a fixed fee of € 10.00 (ten Euro) is to be paid with the submission of the first photo and € 5,00 (five Euro) for each subsequent photo.

The registrations completed within 31/12/2018 will benefit from special fee (Early bird) : the fixed fee of € 10.00 (ten Euro) allows to upload two single photos instead only one.

For the section “Storytelling” a fixed fee of € 30.00 (thirty Euro) is to be paid regardless of the number of photos making up the portfolio (minimum of 5, maximum of 8 photographs).

The registrations completed within 31/12/2018 will benefit from special fee (Early bird) the fixed fee of € 30.00 (thirty Euro ) allows to upload a maximum of 10 photos instead 8.

The registration form can be found at and entrants must declare full ownership of the work, that none of the photos have been awarded a prize in other competitions, that the photos do not in any way violate the rights of any third parties which might be depicted in them and assume the responsibility for privacy, alongside payment of the registration fee.

To avoid uploading problems please follow the indications below:

  • .jpg format (please check the file extension. NO “.jpeg” o “JPG”);
  • RGB colour;
  • the files must be smaller than 10 MB each;
  • minimum longer side: 2500 px;
  • the name of the file (filename.jpg) must not contain special characters (accents, apostrophes, symbols, spaces, etc.);


Prizes will be awarded as follows:

Themed photos

1° place overall: Euro 1.000

2° place overall: Euro   750

3° place overall: Euro   500

1° place Europa: Euro 500

1° place Asia: Euro 500

1° place Africa: Euro 500

1° place Oceania: Euro 500

1° place Americas: Euro 500

1° place for Lions Club Member: sponsor award

1° place for underage photographer: sponsor award

Story Telling

1° place: Euro 300

The prizes are not cumulative. Prizes for the 1st placed for Europe/Asia/Africa/Oceania/Americas will only be awarded if the number of 1,250 participants is reached.

The jury reserves the right not to award the prizes if none of the works in competition are considered worthy of the award.

The prizes not awarded will be destined to the purpose of this competition as per article no. 1 of this Announcement.



The best photos will be selected for exhibitions and/or published on the official page of the UN International Water Day at

A wide selection of the best photos will be published on the website of the competition at



The best photos will be printed in a catalogue available in digital form and in print on demand.



Selection and assessment of the works by the jury is irrevocable. The jury will be composed of 9 technical personalities.

The shortlist will be published by 20 March 2019 on the contest website and then the list of winners will be published on the website following the awards ceremony on World Water Day, 22 March 2019.



Payment will be effected through electronic channels in the dedicated section on the competition website.



For all the works presented entrants will grant to LIONS CLUB SEREGNO AID full, non-exclusive, irrevocable and open-ended user license. The LIONS CLUB SEREGNO AID retains the rights to use the works as part of their non-profit activities.

The author, whose name will always be mentioned, will however retain the moral rights on his/her work as well as the intellectual property of the same.



By entering the competition, the author accepts the present terms and conditions and declares to own the copyright and the right of use for the photo/s presented and any relevant disclaimers.



The text of this Regulation will be drawn up in several languages and in the event of any discrepancies between the various texts the one drawn up in English will prevail.



Should the competition not take place as expected for any reason due to virus, bug, worm, trojan, cyber-attack, tampering, unauthorized use, computer fraud, technical malfunction or any other reason which may prejudice or negatively affect its management, security, correctness, integrity or the correct course of the competition LIONS CLUB Seregno Aid reserves the right, at its own exclusive discretion, to disqualify any person who may pervert the procedures for registration and/or to cancel, interrupt, modify or suspend the competition. LIONS CLUB Seregno Aid will not be responsible for the cancellation or modification of the prizes offered by the sponsors. In the case of cancellation or suspension of the competition LIONS CLUB Seregno Aid will not retain any rights on the photos presented and will reimburse the registration fee net of bank charges.



Personal data provided by the entrant by filling in the registration form will be collected and treated with or without the aid of electronic tools, in full respect of the provisions set forth by the Legislative Decree 196/2013 and relevant implementing provisions issued by the Data Protection Authority for the purposes related to this competition and for a period of time adequate to the initiative for which the treatment of the data is necessary.

The supply of personal data by the entrants is optional, but failure to provide them and to consent to their treatment will make their participation in the competition impossible.

Lions Club Seregno Aid, Via Comina 39, 20831 Seregno (MB), Italy is responsible for the treatment of personal data.

Entrants may at any time exercise their rights under article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2013, that is, the right of access to their personal data, the names of the person/s to whom said data may be communicated as well as the purpose and the procedures of their treatment, their updating, correction or integration, cancellation, anonymity or blocking of data used in violation of the law, the right of opposition, for legitimate reasons, to the processing of these data. The information and data collected for the contest will be used by Lions Club Seregno Aid solely for the purpose of the organization and management of the competition, to identify the winners and the authors of the photographs for exhibitions or publication and for communications relating to the competition. Data will also be forwarded for organizational reasons to the jury and/or third parties whose services will be requested by Lions Club Seregno Aid being the latter responsible for the data treatment for the competition. In any case, personal data will not be transferred to third parties. The request for deletion of personal data by an entrant during the competition will invalidate any prize which may have been awarded to the said entrant.